I4.0-Ready, Compact Hydraulic Power Units


Now place hydraulic power practically anywhere you need it with this compact unit that offers up to 4kw of efficient power. Ideal for pressure clamping and related applications with limited floor space, Rexroth's i4.0-Ready CytroPac offers demand-based rotational speed control that can reduce energy requirements up to 80%. Simplified cable requirements minimize the space needed in the controls enclosure, and a space-saving 20-liter tank ensures optimum degassing of oil. With true plug-and-run ease, CytroPac start-up is fast and simple, requiring only a connection to the power supply and communication with the control system, and connection to the hydraulic circuit and cooling system. CytroPac even recognizes wear before it leads to system failure, notifying maintenance personnel or higher-level monitoring systems about actions required based on conditions detected.

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