Hägglunds CM and CM Premium

Connectivity and Productivity for Hägglunds Hydraulic Direct Drive Systems


Protect uptime and reduce total cost of ownership with Hägglunds CM and CM Premium (CMp) connectivity suites and make condition monitoring fool-proof. Through secure and encrypted data communication, Bosch Rexroth specialists or your own skilled engineers can easily look within the drive to optimize performance and initiate condition-based maintenance. Ideal for various applications in a wide range of industries, Hägglunds CM provides entry-level monitoring and logging, with access to key performance data that can improve your drive utilization and planned maintenance, while Hägglunds CMp offers a complete health index, including historical data, trending data, and deeper analytics. Now you can accurately determine the health of your Hägglunds drive system and connected hydraulics for better decision-making and higher productivity.

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